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At SNR Events, we know that the design and decor of your event is sometimes the most difficult component of your program.  We understand the continuous need to re-invent, to be cutting edge, to do better than the year before and most importantly, to work within your budget!

So whether you need a simple centerpiece, some subtle enhancements or to transform a ballroom, let us be the tool that helps merge your desire with functionality.

Whether you want a look that is formal, elegant, tropical, destination inspired, themed or casual with twist...let us be the tool that transforms your space, brings your vision to life and shows you what can be accomplished when you combine creativity and style with determination and know-how.  Let us show you something that you have never seen before!

Design and Decor Such As:

  • Centerpieces & stage florals
  • Table linens, napkins & chair covers
  • Chiavari & wooden chairs
  • Ice sculptures & ice centerpieces
  • Acrylic in-lit tables 
  • Custom bars 
  • Perimeter decor pieces
  • Full theme parties
  • Elegant accent decor
  • Furniture and lounges
  • Stage sets
  • Lighting
  • Foliage

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