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At SNR Events, teambuilding is one of our favorite components of a program.  It provides us the ability to create an environment filled with positive reinforcement, friendly faces and upbeat music, in which your guests participate in activities that build relationships and teach them to work alongside their fellow employees in a way they never have before...all while having a great time! 

It is an atmosphere that can be cohesive or competitive and where the winners are determined as much by their team spirit and cooperation as by the success of their task.

Our teambuilding activities run the spectrum from mental challenges that can be done in a ballroom to physical challenges that can be done on the lawn of your resort or on a sandy beach.  Challenges that can be designed for 10 participants to 1,000, from 60 minutes to 3 hours...SNR can tailor a teambuilding activity to suit whatever your needs may be!

Teambuilding and Group Outings Such As:

  • Raft building and racing regattas
  • City and Waterway scavenger hunts
  • Theme park treasure hunts
  • Ice-breaker games
  • Reality T.V. inspired events
  • Sand-sculpture building
  • Beach Olympics
  • Sports-based challenges
  • Game shows tailored to your company
  • Artistic competitions
  • Charity-based activities
  • Activity afternoons
  • Beach party BBQ's with water excursions